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                Jia di chemical satisfactory appearance 2016 annual meeting of the powder coating and coating industry in China

                Chemical industry co. LTD. A complete appearance 2016 annual meeting and exhibition powder coating and coating industry in China. According to figures released the meeting: in 2015, the rope is jia di chemical with 12000 tons/year performance, ranked second major suppliers of powder coating auxiliaries!

                ABOUT US

                Jinhua Jiadi Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, adhere to the "people-oriented, technology first" business philosophy, long-term cooperation with the college chemical research and development, advanced technical support and advanced chemical engineering talents, the innovation of science and technology, development and production, is committed to high-tech chemical auxiliary agent diligently, strive for professional. And has......


                • ADDZhejiang Province Jinhua City Li Pu Zhen Golden Tan Cun

                • TEL0579-82101078
                • FAX0579-82110348
                • ContactsMr.Wang

                Tel:0579-82101078 24H-phone:13867956099 Mr. Wang  Add: Jinhua city, zhejiang province of China li pu town golden pond village industrial zone

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